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Monday, July 03, 2006

  Having Library Lowdown in digital form was great but being able to host it was a problem. Our current webhosting doesn't offer streaming video and I considered that to be an important option as opposed to simply dowloading it and watching it on your computer. offers streaming video and its free for anyone to upload whatever they like. You can also upload multiple clips and keep them together as one page though its difficult to discern which clips are which. The latter point is why I setup a seperate webpage with direct links to each segment.

  A bit of a learning curve (one I'm still on) is figuring out the proper file format. Streaming MPEG4  (mp4) is what works with Archive. When saving the file using Quicktime you specifically have to say MPEG4 - streaming (low or medium). Depending on the size of the file this can take a while.  Trying to keep in mind various types of internet connections I upload both low and medium size files. However there are certain parts of Library Lowdown, such as Webtalk, that the smaller screen of low streaming video is unhelpful. 


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